Animal Instincts

A group of Hunimals travel around the world to where their instincts take them. They'll have to work together to face all kinds of obstacles from the trails of growing up to the terrors of human-made climate change 
Human-Animal Biology
Since Hunimals come from all around the world, their animal characteristics are based on their original ecosystem. For example, leopards or iguanas are Hunimals from Central - South America.
What Are Hunimals?
They are born as humans to human families. Their animal characteristics start to show sometime around the age of 9 or 10. Hunimals are fully formed at age 15-16. The reason why they are Hunimals and not just animals is because they still have the cognitive mind of a human
Being born in the world of humans though, they know that they can't stay there. Not only will they not be accepted into society, but they can't accept how society treats the land around them. But, where can Hunimals go? That's where their instincts kick in. The journey begins for any Hunimal when they feel the need to leave and search for a world of their own.
Later on in the series it is discovered that their instincts take them to an island where generations of Hunimals go to take shelter from the human mainlands. Hidden in the Pacific Ocean, Paradise is a cluster of islands made up of different Biomes suited to all kinds of species. An unknown force is said to keep the climate controlled and un-distrupted. But for some reason the Island's magic is depleting. Is it a sign? And what is it trying to tell them?
Some Hunimals believe the force keeping the Island's climate in check is the aura's of hunimals that came before. Their spirit is in every living thing, but those spirit's aura's are slowly dying as the island's climates begins to mix together or go out of control. Natural disasters are becoming frequent. Some believe it is a sign that it is time to stop hiding on the Island. Someone has to make the world know: It's not only the Island, but the human mainlands are also becoming prone to nature's chaos as their resources deplete. 


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Beyond the Safety of the Island
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